Our review on the top 10 electric cars on the market

Our definitive list of all of the best electric cars on the UK market

With the rise of electric vehicles and electric cars becoming increasingly available to the average buyer in the UK, we have compiled a list of the top 10 electric cars currently available in the UK market, with a brief guide to each individual model.

Porsche Taycan

Arguably the most-wanted electric car in the world, many online automobile blogs and car comparison websites choose the Porsche Taycan as the number one electric car on the market. This is perhaps unsurprising given it’s ultra-long (in comparison with other models of similar standing), yet realistic range, high power (93.4kWh battery) battery, it’s stunning interior and infamous exterior, and lightweight feel (despite the fact it weights 2.2 tonnes). This is Porsche’s first all-electric car and, with its creation, the automobile giants are investing around six billion euros into electromobility over the next couple of years – with the Taycan being their first opportunity to recoup some of this outlay.

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is a very close second, with critics praising its long-range (282 mile) lasting battery and super-quick charging speed. After having recently undergone a completely aesthetic transformation, as well as better tyres, tailgate and climate performance, this Tesla is a much faster drive compared to similar models. Designed for electric-powered performance, with dual motor AWD and quick acceleration, it is the cheapest car that Tesla produce, but it certainly doesn’t compromise on quality.

Kia e-niro

The Kia e-niro comes in at number 3 because it’s regularly rewarded the best family electric car in car awards and comparison lists. When choosing a car to carry around a large family, we often look at qualities such as sturdiness, space, reliability and comfort, and the Kia e-niro are credited for incorporating all these things, as well as combining impressive range and strong performance. It is well-known the world of automobility for completely shaking up the electric car market, and was the first ever winner of the ‘What Car? Car of the Year award’.

Honda E

The Honda E is a critic favourite electric small car, mainly due to its 100kw DC rapid charging capability in 30 mins, crash avoidance systems, cameras-for-mirrors, and ability to pre-condition the car and look after it while it charges, using an app. Whilst it might be small (with similar dimensions to a Fiat 500), it has more than enough legroom for four adults, and has an impressive-for-its-size, 137-mile range, and Honda haven’t held back on the technology, despite it being their first mass-market electric car.

Volkswagen id 3

The runner up of ‘Which?’ electrics cars of 2021, this family car has ground-breaking, face recognition technology which eliminates the need for keys. It is a five door, five seat hatch-back making it perfect for families, and is extremely practical. It is also very comfortable, incorporating leading technology and equipment, with a heavy-weight of around 1,700g, putting many drivers minds at ease for safety factors.

Renault Zoe

After being around for almost a decade, the Renault Zoe is celebrated for its lower-than-average price, and high range – two factors that are often the biggest grievances when buying an electric car. This five-door car has an almost 200-mile range when fully charged, despite being the same size as a Ford Fiesta, and costs less than the majority of electric cars on the market right now. It comes with impressive equipment, including a wall mounted 7kW charger. As well as all the above, as the car is priced below £35000, the government will give you a £2500 grant, meaning you get a percentage reduction on the price.

Peugeot e-208

This small electric car is credited for having highly efficient engineering features; a heat pump that helps the vehicle adjust to the outside climate, fully-blended brakes which reduce disc friction waste, and a permanent-magnet motor, which again is less energy wasteful. With a 50kWh battery that achieves a 217-mile WLTP range, thought it can also accept 100kW DC charging, giving a 80% charge time in half an hour.

Jaguar i-Pace

In a move away from the classic Jaguar aesthetic defines a new generation of luxury electric SUVs (that is just a little bit taller than the norm). Based on Jaguar’s new ‘skateboard’ architecture, developed purely electric cars, this design will underpin a whole new prototype of Jaguar electrical vehicles. Powered by a 90kWh battery with an eight-year or 100,000-mile warranty, it has a 0-62 mph in 4.8 seconds acceleration and an extremely impressive 292-mile range. Critics credit this car as having a poise, agility and precision that many other mainstream electric vehicles lack.


Essentially an electric version of the BMW X3 (BMW’s Audi Q5 rival), this EV has up to a 285-mile range and a 0-62mph strong acceleration of 6.8 seconds. With a quick charge up time and tempting price tag, this well held-down BMW is a safe and sturdy drive, making it popular with electrical vehicle customers.

Skoda Enyaq iV

Bringing a practical approach to EV ownership, this bespoke car is the Czech automobile giants first electric vehicle. A slightly cheaper, slightly larger SUV, it is a family car favourite because it offers plenty of space and legroom and a decent charging range, as well as not being particularly overpriced, with a government grant even being offered for the 58kWh battery version. However, the more expensive, 77kWh battery version, promises Tesla Model 3 distances between charges. There is also an app that lets you monitor the battery level remotely. Other impressive features include pillow-soft headrest and a cleaning tool for the charging cable.

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