Martin Hawthorne

Managing Director

Hello! I’m Martin Hawthorne, the Managing Director here at Bright Ideas Consulting and Development Ltd.

I’ve been in the housing & construction industry all my working life, working for Housing Associations in various roles in the North East of England .

Having spent over 30 years in the housing business, with over 25 years in development, I have a lot to offer others as a business leader, developer, advisor and helper. I have a wide range of experience in setting up teams and partnerships with an outstanding record of delivery, and I am an expert in understanding the developments process within the context of dealing with local authorities, their officials, councillors, housing associations, and the private construction industry.

Myself and the team understand the construction and development process well and can bring people together, who have the right skills and motivations to deliver fantastic outcomes.

In his spare time Martin volunteers across a number of great local community causes, offering his experience, advice and expertise for free to support local organisations and projects.
Martin volunteers on the board of Leeds Community Homes ( LCH ) and a subsidiary of it, a commercial enterprise  called People Powered Homes ( PPH).
His place on the board offers the opportunity for him to also on the board to give strategic leadership to the Group and direction on development issues. As the name suggests it’s an opportunity to get back to basics and for a fledgling housing association to be really grounded and provide homes for its community.
Our focus is 100% on the community of Yorkshire and we will provide ecological sustainable homes in that community. This means asking people what they want, to help manage the homes and to, importantly, lever in as much social good our of any development possible, be that training in construction, personal confidence building and citizenship etc.
Martin gives his time for free and is part of our wider Bright Ideas commitment to helping the wider society.
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