Bright Ideas understands the importance of listening to the community

 Martin and the team has listened to what Councillors and York citizens are saying about what they want to see from new development in the Local Plan. This is a scheme that is right for York and for the Local Plan: 

Residents agree that York does need new homes and this proposal is one of few that will have minimal impact on York’s unique beauty. The scheme takes land which is currently closed and private making it open and accessible to all. It will create a new country park and work with the landscape keeping old hedgerows and water courses. 

The team will work closely with the Council to address traffic and congestion and maximise the benefits of widening the ring road in this area. It will use the A64 as a key access road encouraging traffic away from Earswick and Huntington and residents will have easier access to the superb Vanguard shopping facility at Monk’s Cross. 

Building in this proposed location takes the homes away from the ring road and uses land fronting North lane near the A64. The new homes will be out of sight from existing villages of Huntington and Earswick and travellers using the ring road. This is not a case of urban sprawl; the new community will sit neatly in its own environment.

But at the heart of the designs is the Green agenda. The Garden village approach emphasises the ‘human’ nature of village life. Certainly, the green routes, pathways and flora will be central to the designs but so will the creation of the village facilities and transport links. These all make towards a self-contained community able to access services without making unnecessary journeys